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VP04 - Almadén de la Plata-Monesterio - 34,5 km



You will leave Almadén taking the path that goes next to the bull ring. Pass by a gate on the left and continue surrounded by holm oaks. Once you get to Casa de la Postura, you will turn right, passing by a pond and taking a lane surrounded by rockroses and holm oaks that goes up and then goes down to almost reach Almadén-El Real road. In this stretch, vegetation might impede seeing the arrows painted on the trees, so you need to be very careful. Keep following the course of Víbora Stram and soon you will see the path that leads towards Arroyo Mateos Ranch. Cross the gate and leave it as you found it. After passing by the forest ranger’s house, you will go down to a stream and then go up again; in total, you will walk 5 km across the ranch. Some metres after crossing the gate, you will take the path to the right and start descending. At the end, you will see a milestone that marks km 4; keep going on the path until you get to km 1. After a curve, you will see El Real de la Jara.

This village owns its name to the Royal Way, which once was a communication way between Andalucía and Extremadura until the N-630 was built. It is a white village, as all in Sierra Norte.

Leaving from the church, turn right and then left, taking the path known as Silver. After a brief ascent, you will go down to a stream, fording it, to then see a castle to your right. Keep going on surrounded by holm oaks, cork oaks and shrub oaks. After passing by a house on your left side, you will see San Isidro Chapel on the distance. Cross Llerena road and follow the N-630 on the left side for 2 km. Leave the road for some metres towards the camping intersection and then continue on the left of the N-630, going up to Puerto de la Cruz. At the end of the descent, you will get to the village.

Monesterio owns its name to Nuestra Señora de Tentudía Monastery, built in the 15th Century. It is a big town, with an important Iberian pork industry.

El Real de la Jara

Altitude: 465 m

The history of this village gets importance during Arab occupation and especially in 1148, with the arrival of the Almohades, who became independent from Córdoba Caliphate. It is located on slope, surrounded by hills on the north and south, contributing to the creating of a long village.

What can you visit?

El Real de la Jara Castle, Torres Castle, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Chapel and San Bartolomé Church.



On its surrounding area you can find traces of the megalithic culture, such as dolmens and old settlements remains. Subsequently, Monesterio used to be part of what is nowadays called Betunia Céltica, a vast territory on the south of Badajoz, located on the roughness of Sierra Morena, dividing Andalucía from Estremadura, and dominating Puerto de las Marismas, critical point in the communications between North and South of the Peninsula.

The origin of the town is believed to be a Templar Foundation, probably in the one established in the 13th Century by Maestre Pelayo Pérez Correa during his campaign for the occupation of the Arabs’ territories. After this, this place was included in the Order of Santiago as “Encomienda”, until Felipe II named it “Villa de Señorío” in the 16th Century.

What can you visit?

San Pedro Church and Virgen de Tentudía Chapel.


External info sources about this route and recommended websites:

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VP04 - Almadén de la Plata-Monesterio - 34,5 km
VP04 - Almadén de la Plata-Monesterio - 34,5 km
VP04 - Almadén de la Plata-Monesterio - 34,5 km
VP04 - Almadén de la Plata-Monesterio - 34,5 km
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