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CP15 - Oporto - Vilharinho - 36,9 km



Oporto, a great metropolis, monumental and colorful, gives the opportunity to walk through its historical centre, visit its temples and go by riverside.

Now you are going to keep going on the route, you will pass by Sao Lorenzo Church via Rúa da Bainharia, where the ways of those coming from the Cathedral and the ones coming from the south, come together. You will cross Rúa Mouzinho da Silveira and Largo de Sao Domingos, to keep going on Rúa das Flores and then turn left on Rúa de Ferraz. Go up to Rúa Vitóra, turn right on Rúa dos Caldeireiros and you will get to Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, in the Cordoaria. Cross the Largo, Carmo Church and Rúa de Cedofeita, heading towards Ramada Alta Chapel. Turn left on Rúa 9 de Julho towards Carvalhido, Monte dos Burgos and Padrào da Légua, where the two ancient Roman routes leaving from Oporto to the North join.

Pass by Custóias Gondivai, Araújo and Custió. After the calvary next to Araújo Chapel, you must choose which bridge to cross over the river Leçan: Moreira Bridge (going straight on to the EN-13 to Soutelo, where you will leave it to go to Garrapata) or the Roman Barreiros Bridge (taking a path behind the calvary that leads to Rúa Sousa Prata, which heads to the bridge; you will keep going on to the intersection on the EN-13 heading north, going up to Nosso Senhor do Bom Despacho Church and passing by Junta da Maia and the Zoo).

Border Maia and go down on the left via Rúa do Pinha, in Recamunde. You will pass by Real, Calçada de Real and Rúa de Real. Then, you will get to an intersection on the road that comes from Maia; continue on Rúa José Moreira da Silva to reach San António da Guarda Chapel. Turn to the left via Rúa Adelino Amaro da Costa, cross the road that comes from Ermisinde to Pedras Rubras and you will enter Germunde. Go through the village and then you will pass by Outeiro, Barranha and Vila do Conde. Once you get to Padinho, close to Vilar do Pinheiro, you will turn right towards Lameira, where you will pass by Mosteiró Fair and will find, next, the bridge over Mosteiró Stream.

Continue straight on until you get to Garrapata. On the N-306 and then across Rochio, Joudina, Vairao, Fajozes, you will get to Vilarinho, entering via Rúa de Fontedeiros.


Information about Vilarinho in Wikipedia >>> CLICK HERE


External info sources about this route and recommended websites:

Federación Española de Asociaciones del Camino de Santiago

Asociación Galega de Amigos do Camiño de Santiago


There is a complete and excellent Guide of the Portuguese Central Way by the “Asociación Galega de Amigos do Camiño de Santiago”. You can download it in their web or just clicking here.

Very useful guide: Camino de Santiago. National Geographic

To download a route in PDF format you must be registered , this is a simple and free process also enjoy other benefits.

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