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CN05 - Markina-Xemein - Gernika - 24,8 Km



You will leave heading towards Gernika on the cycle lane next to Atxondo sports centre, and then you will leave to continue on the road, after crossing it by the underpass. After passing by Nuestra Señora de Erdotza Chapel and Santutxu wayside cross, you will turn right and continue on a path that goes on next to the river, later becoming a cycle lane. Soon after crossing Kareaga Bridge over the river, you will pass by a wooden fence on the left of the way and will keep following the signs until you arrive at Iruzubieta town centre.

Later on, you will leave Bolibar taking a path next to the restaurant and continuing towards the workers’ houses on Altzaga Borough, where you will turn right to enter a pine forest and then descend to Alegria fields. From here, you will go down to the road, leaving it soon after to cross a bridge over a river you will see on your right. Continue on a path that, after passing by Simon Bolivar Museum, leads towards the main square. Keep straight on to cross the river, and once you have passed the road, you will see on your right the path that goes up to Ziortza Collegiate Church, where you will find a pilgrims’ hostelry.  

You will leave the collegiate church taking a paved road and will follow the signs, ascending on a forest trail that leads to Gorontzugarai top. Then, the path turns right, but you will keep going straight on taking a road towards Uriona Borough. Once you have passed the last house, you will go through an enclosure on the left and then though another one later on. After this, you will descend on a path towards Gerrikaitz.

Andra Maria Church indicates the entrance to the ancient village of Gerrikaitz. Now, you will have to go down the road to Munitibar, where you will cross the square to arrive at San Vicente Mártir Church. Turn left, heading towards Gernika, cross the river Lea and take the paved road that leads to Aldaka Borough. Continue on this path until you reach Kurutzeleku, a crossroads where you will have to turn right towards Astorkigana top.

Go down on a path to Urnatei, Bekoerrota and Bulukua workers’ houses. Then, turn right and take another path that goes through a pine forest to descend towards Tejería Stream, which you will cross twice to gain access to the trail that leads towards Berriondo Borough, in Mendata. Keep following the byroad parallel to the river Golako until you reach the access road to Zara Borough, then leave it and take a path heading towards Gorriño workers’ house. Once you get to the paved road that passes by the workers’ house, you will turn right, descending to Zarra Borough.

Zarrabenta Restaurant is located at the beginning of the slope that goes up towards the upper area of the Borough, where you will see San Pedro Chapel and the detour to Montalbán Tower. After enjoying the views next to the tower, you will continue walking until you find a recovered stretch of the old road that used to connect Zarra with Arratzu Porch.

You will go through the Urdaibai oakwood to reach Artzubi Bridge, where you will initiate the ascent towards Elexalde centre, in Arratzu.

Next to Santo Tomás de Arratzu Church, you can admire great views of the valley while you rest under a hundred-year-old holm oak. Then, you will keep walking towards Golako riverbank, where you will find the old Olazarra foundry. After crossing the river Golako, you will start ascending towards Marmiz Borough. A new path departs from Marmiz to go through the pine woods following the ancient path that goes on the west hillside of Burgogana Mountain. There are many forest trails crossing this way before arriving at Ajangiz centre, where you will go down towards Gernika-Lumo following the road that leads to the old dockland of Rentería. After crossing the bridge, you will go through the streets of San Juan, Ocho de Enero and Andra María, to finally reach the City Hall.


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CN05 - Markina-Xemein - Gernika - 24,8 Km
CN05 - Markina-Xemein - Gernika - 24,8 Km
CN05 - Markina-Xemein - Gernika - 24,8 Km
CN05 - Markina-Xemein - Gernika - 24,8 Km
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