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CN02 - San Sebastián-Donostia - Zarautz - 22 Km



You will start this stage from the city hall and will continue on Paseo de la Concha. At the end of Ondarreta Gardens, you will follow the road ascending towards Igeldo. After 100 m, you will turn right to go up Marbil path towards Erregenea residential area, which you will leave on the left side once you go up the stairs. A promenade leads to the road in the back of the residential area. Continue to the first curve and then leave the road while taking a path leading towards the access to Berakotegi workers’ house.

Keep walking and you will get to the intersection with Igeldo road and then you will continue next to the road until you get to Buenabista Restaurant, where you will take a path that goes through a residential area and joins Marabietaque way, to finally lead to the access intersection to Igeldo.

Leave the way that ascends to the town centre and continue on the rural paths parallel to the coast line, next to Iranguen and Egiluze workers’ houses. Later on, you will continue on a path towards Lusarbe workers’ house (located in Orio) and to the paved road. This starts descending, passing by Munioeta workers’ house and gets to a pronounced curve, where you will leave the path turning to the right on an old flagstone road leading towards Aganduru workers’ house.

Then, you will go on the access road to Orio beach, Antilla. You will cross it to take a shortcut, avoiding a curve on the road. After this, you will go under highway A-8 to then ascend towards San Martín Chapel, where you will initiate the descent to the historical centre of Orio.

Going up the stairs, you will access to the road N-634, to then cross the bridge over the estuary. You will border it passing by some buildings. Cross Altxerri stream and pass by Aitzondo Restaurant, then cross the road that goes on the left side of the estuary towards Oribarzar Beach, and you will finally get to San Pablo Chapel, where you will take a path on the right leading to the river mouth.

After this, you will go under the highway A-8 and arrive at Txurruka hostel. Leaving Torretxo and Oribar workers’ houses on your left, you will follow a cement road until you get to a crossroads. Here, you will continue on the promenade, which starts descending nearby Zarautz camping and offer some splendid views to the coast.

A path draws a curve and descends to end in Talai-Mendi camping. From here, after turning right next to Agirrebekoa workers’ house, you will get to the road. You will enter Zarautz via Calle Nafarroa, taking the pedestrian street of Mollarri and accessing San Pelaio Chapel. Going through Calle Zinkunegi, you will return to Calle Nafarroa and, after the Franciscan Convent, you will turn left heading towards the historical centre.


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CN02 - San Sebastián-Donostia - Zarautz - 22 Km
CN02 - San Sebastián-Donostia - Zarautz - 22 Km
CN02 - San Sebastián-Donostia - Zarautz - 22 Km
CN02 - San Sebastián-Donostia - Zarautz - 22 Km
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