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VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km



You will leave Alija del Infantado via the road, leaving Santiago’s Cross to your right. After 4 km you will get to Nora del Río and 3 km more on the same road will get you to Genestacio.

On the same road, you will pass by Quintana del Marco, Villanueva de Jamuz and Santa Elena de Jamuz. From here, keep going on the same road and after crossing some stretches of the highway and the railroad, you will get to La Bañeza (known as “Beduna” in Roman times).


La Bañeza

Altitude: 770 m.

The hospitable tradition of this town goes back to 932, when there was a hospital that attended to those walking the old Roman causeways heading towards Santiago.

In Roman times, this town was known as Bedunia, and dring the 10th Century it was repopulated and the name was changed for Vanieza. It became more important during the 16th Century thanks to its trade. Nowadays, amongst all the typical products from La Bañeza, we have to highlight the beans.

There are also some rest areas in the town.

What can you visit?

Santa María Church (from the 16th Century), El Salvador Church and El Salvador Monastery.


You can get more information in:

Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago “Monte Urba”. C/El Salvador, 17. 987 64 09 92

Town Hall.



External info sources about this route and recommended websites:

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Asociación de Amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Guipúzcoa

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VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km
VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km
VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km
VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km
VP25 - Alija del Infantado - La Bañeza - 20,5 km
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