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VP24 - Benavente - Alija del Infantado - 22,1 km



You will leave Benavente following the road towards Manganeses de la Polvorosa, which you will leave 1,5 km to the right to then continue on a short path that passes a tunnel under the railroad, then the highway and again the railroad; then, you will arrive at Villabrázaro. From here to the next village, Maire de Castroponce, you will follow the road. Leave Maire de Castroponce following the arrows that will lead you to Vizana Bridge over the river Órbigo. Now you will be entering León Province and you will keep walking on the road until entering Alija del Infantado.


Alija del Infantado

Altitude: 720 m.

This is a historical village very important in the past and now having a great tourist appeal thanks to the many festivities and traditions. “Alixa” is its old name, meaning “meeting point between villages” in greek. Alija has many documents from the 10th and 13th Centuries and even remains of Roman times.

What can you visit?

There are two interesting boroughs here. In the feudal borough the most important buildings are the Town Hall, Plaza Mayor and San Verísimo Church (from the 12th Century). It is also interesting to visit the Pimentel Palace, from the 10th Century.

On the other hand, we have the Jewish quarter, with San Esteban Church. This temple is from templar origin. 



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VP24 - Benavente - Alija del Infantado - 22,1 km
VP24 - Benavente - Alija del Infantado - 22,1 km
VP24 - Benavente - Alija del Infantado - 22,1 km
VP24 - Benavente - Alija del Infantado - 22,1 km
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