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VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km



In Zamora you will head towards Cuesta de la Morana and the N-630 to then take a path located on Hiniesta road. Keep going on to Roales del Pan, 6 km away. Once you get to Roales, you will go across the village and take a path parallel to the N-630, which will lead you to Montamarta.


Altitude: 690 m

This is a village with 625 inhabitants, located on the bank of river Esla dam. It is also known as the village of the storks. It is a quite place, surrounded by nature and with a typical gastronomy based on homemade food.

Leaving the village you will cross a small medieval bridge and will see La Virgen del Castillo Chapel on top of a hill. In this village you can also find a monument dedicated to the popular “Zangarrón”, a typical character during the festivities who goes out to the streets on New Year and the Epiphany, going around asking for tips.

What can you visit?

Nuestra Señora del Castillo Church, from the 16th Century, is located next to Ricobayo Reservoir. On its Northern wall, you can see the oldest remains of Romanesque style. The ensemble is of Renaissance style and has a statue of Virgen del Castillo inside.

San Miguel Arcángel Church, from 16th Century, has a simple baptismal font from Romanesque style, and a good bell gable, weathercock and storks nests. Next to it, you will see the sculpture dedicated to Zangarrón.

Jerónimos Monastery only preserves its main façade.


Rest Area

There is a municipal picnic area. In the area of the black poplars, you will find a fountain, tables and benches.


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VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km
VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km
VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km
VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km
VP21 - Zamora - Montamarta - 18,5 km
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