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VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km



From Valdesalor you will take a path parallel to the N-630 and will pass by Puerto de las Camellas. Then, you will leave the road and will continue straight on, passing by Espíritu Santo Chapel, arriving at Cáceres and following the signs.

To continue this stage, you will leave Cáceres arriving at the bull ring and following on the road heading towards Casar de Cáceres; first, you will walk on the road and then on a parallel path until you get to Casar de Cáceres.



Altitude: 459 m

The origins of this city could go back to the Paleolithic. Even if it was a Roman city, it became fully developed during the Middle Ages, being head of one of Taifa kingdoms and then as a settlement for the Order of Santiago during the Reconquest.  Many palaces and noble mansions that we can see nowadays are subsequent to the 16th Century, and the convents are from later centuries after America’s Conquest. Cáceres has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


What can you visit?

Palace-mansions, Plaza Mayor, Torre de Bujaco, Santa María Co-cathedral, San Pablo Convent, Santiago de los Caballeros Church, the Jewish quarter and the Province Archeological Museum.


You can get more information in:

Oficina Municipal de Turismo, Plaza Mayor, 3, 927 01 08 34,


Casar de Cáceres

Altitude: 365 m

It is located 10 km away from Cáceres, on the Silver Route.  

In the town centre you can see 4 chapels dedicated to Santiago, San Bartolomé, Los Mártires and La Soledad. The architecture of all of them responds to the popular models, even though they have later modifications that have made them lose value.

The bus station was designed by the architect Justo García and it is a great architectonic achievement.

The gastronomy in Casar de Cáceres is quiet varied, having three important products: the famous Torta del Casar (a kind of cheese), the tench and the confectionery.


External info sources about this route and recommended websites:

Turismo Castilla y León



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VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
VP11 - Valdesalor - Casar de Cáceres - 22,8 km
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