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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


Camino de Santiago Reservas


These general conditions regulate the use of the  website service, whose company owner is VIAJES CARMI; this website is available for free for any internet user. Utilization of our web gives you the condition of user and involves full and unreserved acceptance of the General Conditions published by Camino de Santiago Reservas at the moment the user accesses our website, as well as our privacy policy and personal data processing.


The users must read carefully the General Conditions in each section in which they decide to use our website. Also, the use of this service is under every notice, terms of use and instructions that have been made available for the user by Camino de Santiago Reservas, which is foreseen in the General Conditions as long as you agree with them.


Camino de Santiago Reservas reserves the right to deny or withhold access to the website at any time without need of warning to those users who do not comply there general conditions or the particular conditions that may apply to them.


The data concerning the holder of this web site:


Business name: VIAJES CARMI, S.L.

Location: Zamora

Phone number: (+34) 639 635 925


Address: C/Candelaria Ruiz del Árbol, 3, 3º Derecha, Zamora

C.I.F.: B-49305857


Camino de Santiago Reservas’ Declaration and Limitation of Liability


Camino de Santiago Reservas accepts no liability for any damages or harm of any nature caused from users accessing this website, its services and/or contents.


Camino de Santiago Reservas will not guarantee the availability and continued functioning of this website and its services. However, whenever it is reasonably possible, Camino de Santiago Reservas will give advance notice of any interruptions in the functioning of our website and the services therein offered. In that context, Camino de Santiago Reservas accepts no liability for any damages or harm of any nature caused by lack of availability or continuity of operation of our website and its services.


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Camino de Santiago Reservas will not be held liable in any case for any breaches by Users that may affect the rights of a third party. The Users declare to own the texts and images they publish or, failing this, the Users declare to have the exploitation rights from the owners of those texts/images. Under this condition, the Users allow Camino de Santiago Reservas to use the rights of copying, distribution and public communication on those images/texts for a period of 25 years on global level, so they can be published in digital informative gazettes and other and related publications. Therefore, the transfer of those texts and images to third party websites will be expressly authorized. The User accepts to be the solely responsible and Camino de Santiago Reservas shall be exempted from its liability for any claims from third parties occurring due noncompliance with the terms defined in this paragraph.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


These terms and conditions are regulated by Spanish legislation, and cover such issues as interpretation, validity and implementation of such conditions. Camino de Santiago Reservas and the User, expressly waive any other jurisdiction and agree to be subject to the Courts with jurisdiction at the address of the User for any controversy that may arise from the provision of services subject matter of these General Terms. Should the User have his or her domicile outside of Spain, Camino de Santiago Reservas and the User shall submit to the competent courts and tribunals of Zamora, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.




Reservation and contracting of any of the trips included in this program involves the full acceptance of these general conditions.


The present general conditions shall be governed by the “Royal Legislative Decree Nº 1/2007, of 16 November”, approving the Codified Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, other complementary laws (BOW 287 of 30 November 2007) and any other provisions currently in force.


The contractual relation between the Organizing Agency and the customer is subject to the present general conditions or to the particular clauses that agree in the contract of the combined trip and in the label of the product (the trip) which details its final content.


The customer is under obligation to check the documentation received from the Organizing Agency, and any questions concerning the booking must be consulted before the trip begins.




Technical Organization of the trips included in this program has been carried out by AGENCIA DE VIAJES CARMI, CIF: B-49305857, based on C/Candelaria Ruiz del Árbol, 3, 3º Dcha 49016, Zamora. This is an Online Travel Agency properly registered at the Directorate General for Tourism in the Castilla y León region, with license CICL. 49-030.


The Agency is covered by a compulsory civil liability insurance and compulsory endorsement in the Public Administration.


Reservation and Management


The services included are the ones offered in each catalogue or brochure. In case there is a modification of the trip by either of the two parts involved, the services included and no included shall be notified. In the moment the customer accepts the reservation, he/she will have to pay a 60€/person deposit as administration charge, which is non-refundable. Once the booking is confirmed, the deposit will be discounted of the final price of the trip. In case the Agency is not able to offer the trip requested, the deposit will be returned to the customer. Ig the information and the trip itinerary have been sent, the deposit of the booking and management will be not refundable.  


Method of Payment


The full payment must be done by the client 15 days before the trip begins. If the payment is not done, the Agency will understand that the client is no longer interested in the trip and he/she will not be able to receive a refund of the deposit.  


Modification of the Reservation


Any kind of modification or booking by Viajes Carmi, for the various reasons such as overbooking and other, will be notified to the client, who will be able to accept or desist. If the client desists, the Agency will not make any penalization; but In case the modification is done by the client, Viajes Carmi reserves the right to penalize the customer with 30€ per client and modification.


Cancellation by the Customer


At any time the customer will be able to desist of the services, having the right to be refunded what he/she has paid but also has to indemnify the Travel Agency unless the cancellation was due to cases of force majeure, in accordance with the following:


a) If the cancellation happens between 10 – 15 days before the trip begins, the client must pay the management expenses and a penalization of 5% of the trip costs


b) If cancellation happens between 3 – 10 days before the trip, there is a penalization of 15%.


C) I cancellation happens 48 or less previous to the departure, there is a penalization of 25%.

In failing to appear at the beginning of the trip, the client will have to pay 100% of the booking price.


In case that the Travel Agency is forced to cancel any of its programs for reasons not attributable to the client, it will compensate the customer with a full refund.


There will be no obligation from the Agency to compensate the client when the booking cancellation is due to reasons of force majeure, meaning such conditions beyond those who relies abnormal and unpredictable consequences of which could not have been avoid , despite having acted with diligence.  


In case the travel execution is due to have a minimum of participants, the Agency will be able to cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached, notifying it 10 days before the scheduled departure date.


Cession of the Reservation


The principal contractor or the beneficiary is allowed to freely transfer his/her booking to another person who meets the requirements for it, giving written notice 15 days before the scheduled departure date. The transferor of the package and the transferee shall be jointly and severally liable to the organizer or retailer party to the contract for payment of the balance due and for any additional costs arising from such transfer.




All persons enrolled in the trip are responsible their documentation is in order for the country they are visiting (D.N.I., passport, visa, health insurance…) with regard to consultations, the Agency acts as informer, but it is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the documentation to the competent authorities. In case the client was forced to cancel or leave the trip for lack or inaccuracy of the required documentation, the Agency will apply the conditions specified in the cancellations by the customer paragraph.




For interpretation, application or complaint of the terms, both the client and the Organizing Agency convey expressly to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Zamora, renouncing to any other jurisdiction.




According to the Organic Law 15/1999, of Personal Data Protection Information, this establishment informs that:


1. The personal data provided by our clients are inserted in our private files registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, being the Agency Viajes Carmi responsible for it.


2. We guarantee confidentiality of the personal data registered in our files.


3. We have the security document where is set out the technical and organizational measures for the security of the data contained in our files.  



4. You can exercise your rights of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition of your personal data, writing to the following address: VIAJES CARMI, C/ Candelaria Ruiz del Árbol, 3, 3º Dcha. 49016 Zamora.